NPR CEO: ‘We Get a Tremendous Amount of Criticism for Being Too Conservative’

Nicholas Ballasy 3/8/2011

( – National Public Radio President and CEO Vivian Schiller said Monday that NPR gets a “tremendous amount of criticism for being too conservative.”

At a luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Schiller was asked by a moderator: “Do you believe there’s an imbalance at NPR in terms […]

Candor is forbidden at the politically correct, Soros-funded NPR

Because Juan Williams has been fired for sharing his honest reaction.

NPR fires Juan Williams over comments about Muslims flying

Ed Morrissey 10/21/2010

Juan Williams warned that political correctness leads to a paralysis that keeps people from addressing reality — and then ended up a victim of just that kind of political correctness in […]