Byron York: Insurance company bailouts ‘absolutely will happen’ under Obamacare; new taxes hit next week

Brendan Bordelon The Daily Caller 12/26/2013

Washington Examiner reporter Byron York told Fox News on Thursday that a bailout of health insurance companies “absolutely will happen” under Obamacare, claiming a government lifeline is actually “built into the law.”

York spoke with Fox News’ Greg Jarrett and Jamie Colby about the latest healthcare tweak announced today […]

ObamaCare Taxes in 2013: How to Prepare

Bonnie Lee FoxBusiness 2/1/2013

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and signed into law back in 2010, but many of the provisions are just starting to be implemented, and this could impact small business owners in a big way.

Here’s a list of new health-care issues and medical tax law […]