Britain: If hostilities break out in Gaza again, we’re cutting Israel off

Noah Rothman Hot Air 8/12/2014

Last week, British police reported a disturbing and significant rise in anti-Semitic attacks on local Jews since the start of the latest conflict in Gaza.

“Figures seen by the BBC show recorded hate crimes against Jewish people living in London have doubled compared with the same period last year, while […]

How will ‘petroshekels’ change the world?

Open Blogger Ace of Spades HQ 8/13/2011

The standing joke among Jews is, “If we’re the Chosen People, why didn’t God promise us some land with OIL under it?” As it turns out, He did.

Recent discoveries — over the past several years — put the amount of natural gas reserves in Israeli territorial waters […]

Fears for safety of doctor linked to CIA Bin Laden vaccine plan

Shakil Afridi, who helped track down Osama bin Laden using DNA samples, is being held by ISI in Pakistan

Shakil Afridi worked for the CIA in the weeks leading up to the raid on the Bin Laden compound in Abbottabad. Photograph: Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

Saeed Shah Guardian [UK] 12 July 2011

Fears are […]

U.S. suspends $800M in Pakistan aid

CBC News [Canada] 7/10/2011

The United States is suspending some $800 million in military aid to Pakistan amid increased tensions between the two countries since the raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

U.S. President Barack Obama’s chief of staff William Daley confirmed the move in a Sunday television interview, saying his country’s relationship […]