Feds can’t find Somalis they say VA man smuggled into U.S.

Freeman Klopott Washington Examiner 4/12/2010

Federal authorities say they’re certain nearly 300 Somalis allegedly smuggled into the United States by a Virginia man who admitted contacts with an Islamic terrorist group are in the country, but they can’t find them despite a worldwide search for leads.

The search, first reported by the Washington Examiner, started […]

Somali Muslim gangs videotape attacks on infidels in Minnesota

Creeping Sharia 12/23/2009

More attacks by Somali Muslims, including on very young children and older people. As can be expected – you haven’t heard a peep from cowards like Holder or Ellison, or thugs like Obama, CAIR, and the ACLU. We just posted on this same Somali Muslim street jihad happening in Maine – Muslims […]