Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam

Manual warns soldiers in Afghanistan not to talk about certain subjects

Jack Minor WorldNetDaily 12/15/2012

A new Army manual that warns American soldiers in Afghanistan to avoid talking about certain topics has unwittingly acknowledged that Western taboos such as pedophilia are an inherent part of Islamic culture.

“By mentioning that pedophilia and women’s rights and […]

Falling Flat: Obama speech to soldiers met with silence, muted applause

Neil Munro The Daily Caller 8/31/2012

President Barack Obama was greeted with fleeting applause and extended periods of silence as he offered profuse praise to soldiers and their families during an Aug. 31 speech in Fort Bliss, Texas.

His praise for the soldiers — and for his own national-security policies — won cheers from only […]

Shame on the nation: American Hero Michael Behenna Loses Final Appeal

Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 7/6/2012

There is something horribly wrong in America when a soldier is jailed for killing the enemy. The criminalization of our heroes is the liberal wet dream and the goal of the enemy, Islamic supremacists. Indeed, they make common cause of their hatred of the good.

Lt. Behenna shot a […]

July 3, 1775, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Lexington Green Chicago Boyz 7/3/2012

General Washington took command of the Continental Army on this date. He found the army to be “a mixed multitude of people under very little discipline, order or government.”

Through many defeats and hardships, Washington and his officers eventually transformed an armed mob into a war-winning weapon.

Thank, you […]

‘You’re a grand old flag…’

14 June 2012


That’s George M. Cohan’s love song to Old Glory. This beautiful screen shot is today’s photo at It’s Flag Day at Rockefeller Center and flag history is at the link. Click the image to view at full size.

Google didn’t acknowledge Flag Day nor today’s anniversary of the founding […]

Sgt. Weichel’s funeral: None surprised RI Guardsman gave his life for a child

Steve Szydlowski The Providence Journal 4/2/2012

The funeral service for Sgt. Dennis Weichel was held at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter. Weichel was remembered as loyal and selfless, and none were surprised he gave his life for a child. Weichel is survived by his fiancée, three children and his parents. He was posthumously awarded […]