The U.S. Forest Service Wants to Fine You $1,000 for Taking Pictures in the Forest

The Forest Service oversees 193 million acres of wilderness. In a month, you won’t be able to take a picture in them without getting a fine — even if the new rules are unconstitutional.

Eric Vilas-Boas Esquire 9/24/2014

Nice photo. That’ll be $1,000, please.

This week’s most profoundly wrongheaded display of nonviolent press infringement comes […]

Democrats’ New Motto: Never Let a Wildfire Go to Waste

Michelle Malkin 6/29/2012

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Did you know that President Obama has been incommunicado with Colorado’s governor for more than two weeks as the nation’s worst wildfires rage across the state? Maybe he thought we were all “doing fine.” After an embarrassing Beltway press briefing revelation about our out-of-touch White House, the administration […]

Will water supply lead to death of Tombstone?

“The judge said, ‘Why don’t you just let Tombstone go in and fix their springs?’ and the Forest Service said, ‘Because we don’t have to.’ “

Jay Crandall 5/30/2012

TOMBSTONE, Ariz. — It is known as the town too tough to die, but will the federal government now do what a silver […]

Federal judge throws out Obama drilling rules

Mead Gruver Associated Press via MSNBC 8/12/2011

A judge on Friday threw out Obama administration rules that sought to slow down expedited environmental review of oil and gas drilling on federal land.

U.S. District Judge Nancy Freudenthal ruled in favor of a petroleum industry group, the Western Energy Alliance, in its lawsuit against the federal […]