Soros Funded Org Seeks Student Help to Build Counter to ALEC

Brett Healy Big Government 1/20/2012

University of Wisconsin Professor Joel Rogers wants to build a lefty alternative to the ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. He recently hit up some of his students for help with the project, while they were waiting for their grades in his class.

This from our first article in an […]

At least 10 doctors who signed questionable sick notes were not disciplined

Matthew DeFour and David Wahlberg Wisconsin State Journal 12/17/2011

At least 10 doctors not previously disciplined by the state signed sick notes for Madison School District employees that the district considered fraudulent, according to a State Journal analysis of the notes submitted amid Capitol protests earlier this year.

The newspaper also found that about 570 […]

‘Million Muslim March’ coming to DC

On the 4th of July!?!

26 February 2011

From the website One Million Muslims


One Million is the organizer and presenter of the upcoming One Million Muslim March. The planned event is not to be an actual march, but rather a gathering of […]

Top political scientist: U.S. voters are ‘pretty damn stupid’

Byron York Washington Examiner 11/21/2010

Political reporters often rely on University of Wisconsin political scientist Charles Franklin for expertise. In just the past few months, his insights have appeared in articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Associated Press, Politico, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, and many other publications. He’s also a […]

I see white people

Where are all the news media photographs of the big Madison crowd that Obama harangued last night?

Althouse 9/29/2010

I thought the University of Wisconsin was a major photo-op. Where are the photos — vistas of hopeful, youthful faces? There’s a tiny thumbnail here in the NYT. Help me find some pictures or I’m going […]

40th Anniversary of the bombing of Sterling Hall, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jon Wetzel/The Badger Herald/The bombing of Sterling Hall made a wall disappear and reinforced concrete dangle like limp spaghetti.

24 August 2010

Blogger Ann Althouse is a law professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has been writing about the bombing of Sterling Hall at that university on this date in 1970.