Olympics 2012 opening ceremony: Oscars all round for a spectacular feelgood fantasy of modern Britain

Melanie Phillips The Daily Mail [UK] 29 July 2012

…we had for starters a bucolic scene of merry medieval peasants, and men playing cricket — giving way to a stunningly produced but deeply tendentious image of cloth-capped workers slaving in the inferno of the Industrial Revolution.

But life in the Middle Ages wasn’t a rural […]

‘Ameritopia’ Explodes Into 2012 Campaign

Mark Levin’s literary dynamite detonates in midst of GOP primaries.

Jeffrey Lord The American Spectator 1/17/2012

And… BOOM!

Mark Levin has an uncanny knack for writing a book that isn’t simply a popular bestseller. Levin’s last book, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, became a major political player in the 2010 elections. Literary dynamite, if […]