Pigford Beneficiary, Obama Crony Sherrod's Ugly Suit Against Breitbart's Widow

Editorial Investors.com 10/11/2013

Law: An Obama official at the heart of the Pigford reparations scheme sues the widow of the crusading conservative who exposed her and a multibillion-dollar redistribution scam to African-American farmers.

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Hell hath no fury like an Obama administration official exposed for corruption or racism. On Wednesday, news broke that […]

Black Caucus’s Clyburn Knocks Pigford II Fraud Safeguards on House Floor

Gary Hewson Big Government 1/21/2011

As the Pigford investigation continues, it is important to note that we have demonstrated in our Pigford Report that there is massive fraud in the Pigford I settlement, but you have yet to hear a pro-Pigford politician admit to that fact. To this day, President Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture Tom […]

Black Farmer Blows Whistle on Pigford: ‘If You Got a Potted Plant, That Makes You a Farmer’

Publius Big Government 12/8/2010

Read about this video at Big Government.

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The Scandal That Will Rock 2011

“One common misconception is that Pigford is about people who defrauded the government by pretending to be farmers. From the research I’ve done, there’s almost nobody who pretended to be a farmer. The shocking truth is that you didn’t have to fake a farming resume to collect $50,000 — all you had to […]

Full Sherrod Video: Violence Against Cops, Judges And Lawyers?

Dan Riehl Riehl World View 7/27/2010

Any notion that I’ve manipulated, or otherwise edited clips of Charles Sherrod to malign him has always been ridiculous. I haven’t done such a thing in six-years and wouldn’t begin, now. The evidence of that has always been readily available for an interested party above a junior high school-level […]

Shirley Sherrod, Andrew Breitbart: who is racist? Or not.

26 July 2010

CAJ note: There’s a lot of material out there about this story. We’ve decided to blog it together. Hence the awkward headline. After this maybe we’ll finally be able to get to the 92,000 classified documents pertaining to the Afghan war that have been released by Wikileaks this weekend.

This story began […]