UN whistle blower warns about economic destruction program

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

A United Nations whistle blower has charged that the European Union, in collaboration with the U.N., has implemented a dangerous economic destruction program that is aimed directly at the United States.

The EU and other nations of the world, according to the whistle blower, are actively creating “a new reality” in an effort to dismantle American economic prominence. The U.N., in the view of the whistle blower, is working in tandem to reinvigorate European socialism and eastern European Communism as an alternative to U.S. capitalism and free markets.

As reported Friday by the Examiner, part of this new reality is being implemented by what is known as “Agenda 21.”

But the U.N. has more in its arsenal…

…America’s fate hangs by a thread. Not only are there enemies within that have reached most of their goals in the total destruction of the country, but dubious forces from the outside, such as the EU and the nations of the U.N., are working overtime to finish the job.

These are dark days, indeed.



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…As we reported late last week in “The Music Just Ended: “Wealthy” Chinese Are Liquidating Offshore Luxury Homes In Scramble For Cash“, the Chinese offshore real estate buying juggernaut has now ended courtesy of what appears to be China’s credit bubble bursting. So if the liquidation wave truly picks up, and since there is no greater fool left (you can forget about sanctioned Russian oligarchs investing more cash in the City in a world where asset freezes and confiscations are all too real), very soon London may find that there is nobody in the “fair” real estate taxation category left to tax.

But that’s ok – because that’s when one simply expands the definition of what is fair to include the not so wealthy… and then again…. and again.

Finally, if anyone is still confused, the IMF-proposed “mansion tax” is most certainly coming to the US, and every other insolvent “developed world” nation, next.



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