Union fear and loathing in Denver

CAJ note: We have already published articles about this shameful incident that occurred in Denver earlier this week. Our articles, with videos: More tolerance from the pro-union, progressive left in America and Unions play rough, but not necessarily smart (yeah, we know it’s grammatically incorrect, but that was our point.) The more we read about what happened in Denver, the more astonished we are.

Moochers and Looters vs. Producers in Denver

Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs

‘Looking at the Left’ covered the new front in the left’s war on America, Denver. Make no mistake, they have declared war on America. You will work for these collectivists, feed them, clothe them, enrich these pigs and thugs, or they will ……………. watch:

Racism and Incivility Aimed at Tea Party in Denver , February 22, 2010 by El Marco

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White House political arm, Organizing for America, teamed up with Service Employees International Union (SEIU), for their latest astroturfing effort in Denver. Teamsters and other workers were bussed in to the State Capitol in an increasing effort by the White House to interfere in relations between states and public sector unions.

Union protestors seemed to have taken to heart President Obama’s admonition to “get in people’s faces”. Thankfully, they did not act on Rep. Michael Capuano’s (D-Mass.) words to union members today, when he told them “Every once and a while you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”  If not for the presence of state troopers who controlled the howling union goons, this protest could have had a violent outcome.

Nonetheless, Obama’s supporters put on a disgraceful display of incivility and paranoia-fueled administration propaganda, which is exactly what Obama and Organizing for America have been encouraging.

These people are holding astroturf signs, that is, signs that are produced by organizers and handed out to individuals rounded up by Organizing for America (OFA) in conjunction with the unions. Note that OFA used to be called Obama for America, and is his campaign organization. Obama for America was renamed Organizing for America after the election and has been deployed on the streets of Denver before to intimidate and bully the citizens here.

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…Top rate when Reagan was elected was 90%. These union workers understand that their paycheck depends on getting money out of the productive sector of society. The more people are taxed, they believe, the more benefits and pay increases they can expect in the future. Unfortunately, what states like Wisconsin have discovered is that bloated bureaucracies and entitlements become unsustainable when you run out of other people’s money to spend.

I noticed a black man standing at the very back, behind the center of this crowd. He was waving a Gadsden flag. I decided to go over and investigate.

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That man with the Gadsden flag turned out to be Leland Robinson, 51, a Denver native. I was reminded of another black man who was waving a Gadsden flag at an SEIU event in St. Louis in 2009. Kenneth Gladney was viciously attacked and hospitalized by SEIU thugs for his thought crimes.

As I spoke with Mr. Robinson, a school teacher interrupted as he had decided to teach Leland a few union thug lessons.

The man said he was a school teacher and felt that he deserved sympathy because after 14 years of work, he made only”Forty-something thousand” a year. With the entire benefit package, we all know that this figure soars. And that’s for working 180 days a year. He claimed that without the union, he’d be making $8 an hour.

At this point, an agressive woman with a purple SEIU shirt assailed Robinson with a flurry of insults:

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“That’s your problem. You’re an entrepreneur, so you don’t work. You don’t know what work is until you get into an educational area. … You’re uneducated, unethical, immoral, and you don’t know what life is. That’s your problem. Why don’t you go behind that fence where you belong? Why don’t you go back with your own kind?” She said this indicating towards the bottom of the Capitol Steps, where a couple of hundred tea partiers were gathered listening to speeches. [Emphasis CAJ]

Read the entire article and view many more of El Marco’s photos from the rally at Atlas Shrugs.

Update: Michelle Malkin, More Union Civility: Eyewitness to Boston thuggery; plus: Die, elderly Tea Partiers, die!

Tea Party senior citizens: Menaces to society!

…I dare say that this was the scariest one I have ever been to. I also dare say for the first time in all my life, I was actually ashamed to be an Irish-American. Most of the thugs that were protesting against Walker were Irish-American thugs, it reminded me of the movies “The Departed” or right out of the pages of “The Godfather”, and “Hoffa.”

The men were huge and screaming into the faces of anyone, I mean anyone, they thought were against the unions. Most of the Gov. Walker supporters were 45-65 yrs. old.

With all that being said, to the point now, I witnessed a man about 45-50 or so and an elderly man pushed against a granite-wall statue where all these thugs had climbed on to scream out of control words that would put your ears on fire. They pushed and shoved until he fell on the ice, screaming the whole time to get the “F**K”out of here, they took the elderly man, pushing and shoving him, taking his flag and breaking it up…

…I heard the younger man say he was reporting this to the police, so I followed with my eyes, and could see from body language it was not going well for him with the police officer, I was so mad, I walked over and over heard him say to the man, “well that is not the story we heard”…

...Not coincidentally, left-wing hate-monger Mike Papantonio — guest-hosting for neanderthal MSNBC host Ed Schultz — was on the airwaves spreading hate against elderly Tea Party activists…and hoping for their deaths

CALLER: And he pushed the woman and, you know, I don’t know what caused that or whatever but, two guys, you know, got on him and just grabbed him and took him out of the way and told him to go back to your area, you know, they didn’t …

PAPANTONIO: Go back to the old folks’ home.

CALLER: Well, exactly, you know.

PAPANTONIO: That’s what you have here. Look, here, let’s not miss this, this is a generational war. You have students at universities that are showing up, you have these senile old boneheads that are ol-, I mean, check, look at the pictures, I don’t even have to say, look at the pictures, Rich. Run any film, who is there for the teabaggers?!…

Go to MichelleMalkin.com to read these two accounts in full.

Update 2: Oklahoma Panel Votes to Repeal Collective Bargaining, at ProteinWisdom

Update 3: Founding Bloggers has this excellent post, Scenes From A Mob: How To Talk To Teabaggers

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