‘Democratic senator’s environmental bill could benefit his wife’: A reader responds

15 December 2013

Last week we posted this article from The Daily Caller, Democratic senator’s environmental bill could benefit his wife, about Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and his wife, Sandra Thornton Whitehouse.

Late last night we received this email from a reader, GTF:

I found this while looking for some stuff on Mrs. Whitehouse.  She got a bump into the Obama administration in 2009, but I can’t seem to find any press on it other than the big conference they had in RI.

URI [University of Rhode Island] and RI are the leaders in marine spatial planning and generally trampling the people’s constitutional and natural rights to the State’s marine resources.  They were starting to talk about zoning the oceans when I was at URI 1988-1993.  Thanks to Don Carcieri and Deepwater Wind they have successfully applied land use zones to the sea floor like you would a city or town through the use of Special Area Management Plans (SAMP).  Most of the justification for the RI Ocean SAMP and Deepwater is the dreaded climate change and global warming.

How dare anyone ask for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) from Deepwater? URI and the Ocean SAMP have already determined there will be no environmental impact in the renewable energy zone.  The real pisser is that the Ocean SAMP did not consider economic impact to RI ratepayers and without a regular EIS, those impacts will never need to be examined.   No one has made Deepwater prove a legal statement of Public “purpose and need”, that was the point of the SAMP.  We briefly got the attention of the PUC [Public Utilities Commission] when they first looked at the Power Purchase Agreement and rejected it.  Don Carcieri and the General Assembly fixed that little problem shortly thereafter.

It all leads back to RGGI and crony capitalism.  Carcieri’s first energy czar was Lawrence Kunkle, who happens to sit on the Board of RGGI, works for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, and owns a company in RI set up to make subsea electric cables.  Maybe one of your readers can follow this connection to our insider trading Senator and his wife.

Oh and did I mention CEO of Deepwater Wind, Jeffrey Grybowski, former Carcieri chief of staff?

They really are good at this game in RI.




Update:    Big Green’s well-financed death grip on fisheries policy must be broken  This chart shows fishery-related grants from several foundations.

President Obama’s administration has added to its war on coal and its wind-farm eagle-chopping policy and is trying to yank seafood out of America’s diet.

For more than a decade, the National Marine Fisheries Service has devoured fishing fleets while Big Green’s money octopus prods the feds by waving grant-eating enviros in its tentacles, causing them to hook the public’s attention with mindless frenzy against “overfishing.”

Submerge for a moment in the seething political storm that fishermen live in — examine the overwhelming network diagram above. You’re looking at 552 grants totaling $561,907,154 — over half a billion dollars from six Big Green foundations: Pew, Packard, Walton, Moore, Surdna and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, each a funding octopus with anti-fishing payday tentacles that twine and choke and, for the most part, destroy…


An amazing, mind-boggling interactive graphic is posted with the article. Read the whole thing.



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