Obama and the UN: Agenda 21 Revisited

Sharon Sebastian
Freedom Advocates
via Green Mountain Scribes

Despite the devastating financial impact it will have on all American households and businesses, President Barack Obama desperately wants to resurrect and implement Cap and Trade, if not through Congress then surreptitiously through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As with suggestions for better-structured health care reform, there is a way to clean the planet without imposing dire financial hardships on its inhabitants. Specifically targeted to foot the bill, are American taxpayers. Yet, President Barack Obama yields to the strident call of radical environmentalists such as Al Gore, reportedly desirous to become the first global-warming billionaire, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. With extreme hyperbole, Ban warns of war and pestilence to come if the United States does not throw billions of Americans’ tax dollars into an increasingly deceptive environmental abyss.

In a dispassionate disconnect, Obama proclaimed that American’s energy costs would necessarily “skyrocket.” Even after being confronted with the environmental embarrassment known as climate-gate, with revelations of fraud and erupting scandals among man-made global warming scientists, Obama continues today to bow to a fascist far-right business agenda and a far-left environmental agenda based on international wants instead of looking out for America’s needs. The question is: Why?

Enter: AGENDA 21. Agenda 21 is a United Nation’s game plan for a radical transformation of the global society…

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