‘Sissy Willis, Scott Brown doesn’t want to hear from you’

Sissy Willis

Sissy Willis, he doesn’t want to hear from you,” Dan Riehl just twittered in response to our own early-afternoon tweet:

Just called Scott Brown’s local number, again as yesterday & phone mailbox full. Arggh!

But the DC office of our junior Senator did pick up, with a real person on the other end after a two- or three-minute wait on hold with a tasteful Mozart concerto playing in the background. As we wrote in the comments of Dan’s related blogpost, “Usual Suspects: The Dodd-Frank Sell-Our“:

When I asked which way the calls were trending, [the woman who answered the phone] said she couldn’t say. I asked whether that meant she WOULDN’T say, and she said yes. Sounds to me like they’re trending NO!

For a reality check, we ran our gut reaction by Tuck, who agreed with our assessment but had this bit of sadder-but-wiser wisdom to add:

The no’s are the people who WOULD call. Those who don’t call don’t know what’s going on anyway.

Update: Some thoughtful perspective from fellow Brown campaigner Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection. Be sure to read the whole thing:

I’m not going to engage in the name calling some have directed at Brown. I believe Brown was sincere in his belief that the legislation does more good than bad. And I’m still glad that I supported his campaign, because Brown stood firm on health care and other negative Democratic initiatives [Also, our own view, the “Massachusetts Miracle” served as a catalyst to break up the incumbent logjam, promising “term limits by other means” in local and national elections this spring and come November].

But Scott Brown failed to see the forest for the trees on financial reform.

Sissy’s article, with several links, continues at Sisu.

The Right Scoop has audio, “Mark Levin calls Scott Brown an A-Hole”

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