The Speaker speaks

“The American people have humbled us. They have refreshed our memories as to just how temporary the privilege to serve is. They have reminded us that everything here is on loan from them. That includes this gavel, which I accept cheerfully and gratefully, knowing I am but its caretaker. After all, this is the people’s […]

Congress Rediscovers the Constitution

“It’s an air kiss they’re blowing to the tea party.” ~Congressman Barney Frank

Roger Pilon The Wall Street Journal 1/4/2011

If the new Congress to be sworn in on Wednesday is the tea party’s cardinal achievement so far, its most symbolic achievement will come on Thursday, when the first order of business in […]

Paul Ryan Statement on Ongoing Efforts to Deliver on House GOP Pledge

Rep. Paul Ryan Paul Ryan’s Notes 12/31/2010

Paul Ryan Statement on Ongoing Efforts to Deliver on House GOP Pledge

WASHINGTON – Incoming House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement in response to concerns raised by House Democrats that the unsustainable spending spree will not continue:

“The Federal government’s deep fiscal hole […]

ABC Warns Republicans Against Challenging ObamaCare

Mark Finkelstein NewsBusters 1/1/2011

If President Obama’s signal fight in the coming year will be preserving ObamaCare, he can count on at least one ally in his struggle with Republicans: ABC News and in particular its Political Director, Amy Walter.

On GMA today, Walter issued a stern warning to Republicans who might have the audacity […]

Ezra Klein: Constitution too hard to understand

therightscoop 12/30/2010

Ezra Klein is one of the goto guys on the Left for all things policy related and he is being asked to talk about how the Republicans will have the Constitution read aloud in Congress. He says it’s a gimmick, but then he says this:

The issue with the Constitution is not that […]

This Almost Makes Up for California

B. Daniel Blatt Gay Patriot 11/4/2010

It just hit me that Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan will soon chair the House Budget Committee. Paul Ryan, the smart, principled (and yes, fetching) Congressman committed to small government, chairing the Budget Committee!

No wonder he didn’t run for Senate.

Read also this article by Congressman Ryan, Krugman’s detour on […]