July 16, 1969

CBS NEWS Coverage of the Launch of Apollo 11 Part 6 (The Launch)

zellco321 YouTube 10/25/2009

From July 16th 1969 Walter Cronkite reports live from the Kennedy Space Center

Apollo 11 crew Commander : Neil Armstrong

Command Module Pilot : Michael Collins

Lunar Module Pilot: Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.






Moon hoax not

sgcollins YouTube 12/3/2012



H/T The Blaze, Is This YouTube Video Proof That NASA’s Moon Landings Were Definitely NOT Faked?

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July 20, 1969

The Blacksphere (Kevin Jackson) Facebook 7/20/2012

On May 25, 1961 before a joint session of Congress, President John F. Kennedy stated that the United States of America should set as a goal the “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth” by the end of the decade. On this day […]

Barack In History

Eric Odom Liberty News Network 5/17/2012

Following up on our post about Obama’s insulting and disgraceful injection of campaign propaganda into historic presidential biography pages of the White House website, we decided to launch our own little set of satire images to be shared across the web. Yes, this is satire meant to provoke a […]

This is who we were

“…I am very proud of the Americans…”

24 December 2010

At 4:17 PM EDT on 20th July 1969 Apollo 11 touched down on the Moon. Later that night, at 10:56 PM, the 38 year old astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on its surface.

We had forgotten the […]