The Coming Fall and Eventual Rebirth of America

Col. Frank Ryan, CPA American Thinker 11/27/2012

…In the experiences that I have had assisting companies and organizations avoid bankruptcy, there is a very predictable pattern that organizations face when they are dealing with serious financial problems.

The pattern involves economic growth and prosperity followed by overspending. From overspending and excess comes a period of […]

Lloyd’s of London preparing for euro collapse

The chief executive of the multi-billion pound Lloyd’s of London has publicly admitted that the world’s leading insurance market is prepared for a collapse in the single currency and has reduced its exposure “as much as possible” to the crisis-ridden continent.

Andrew Cave The Sunday Telegraph [UK] 27 May 2012

Richard Ward said the London […]

Economy Face Off: Ron Paul vs Paul Krugman

Bloomberg 4/30/2012

Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul talk about inflation, monetary policy and the role of the Federal Reserve. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

MEP Nigel Farage discusses Greece on ‘Russia Today’

UKIP Media YouTube 3/7/2012

Apocalypse Soon

BigFurHat iOwnTheWorld 10/27/2011

It’s getting weird out there. The arc of far outer ism’s are coming full circle and colliding. When the far left meets the far right, what happens? Do they start shooting each other, or do they look at each other and storm the White House? The guns are showing up at Occupy […]

Geithner to China: Spend more money

US tells China to look to its own consumers

BBC News 9 May 2011

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner called for a “more open market based economy” in China

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has called on China to rely more on its own spending and less on exports.

“The challenge is to lay the […]