Judicial Watch Obtains Records Detailing Obama Administration’s Warrantless Collection of Citizens’ Personal Financial Data

Judicial Watch 6/27/2013

Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained records from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) revealing that the agency has spent millions of dollars for the warrantless collection and analysis of Americans’ financial transactions. The documents also reveal that CFPB contractors may be required to share the information with “additional government […]

Warren out at CFPB after Issa hearing?

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 7/16/2011

Elizabeth Warren will exit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before it officially launches, according to a single-sourced Bloomberg report last night. According to an unnamed “briefed” person, Obama will dump the controversial Warren for someone already working at the CFPB, and the announcement will come next week:

Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard […]

The Billion-Dollar Bank Heist

How the financial industry is buying off Washington—and killing reform.

Newsweek 7/10/2011

…Take what’s been happening with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is the law’s most significant and controversial provision. The agency is set to go live next week, except that Republicans in the Senate have made it clear they won’t confirm anyone to […]

Did Elizabeth Warren lie to Congress?

Jonathan Strong The Daily Caller 6/17/2011

Newly obtained documents raise the question of whether Elizabeth Warren, a top aide to President Obama and liberal darling, lied to Congress in downplaying her role in ongoing settlement negotiations over a major legal dispute.

Warren, who has said she is “advising” the President on establishing the nascent Consumer […]

Darrell Issa to Elizabeth Warren: Clear a full day on your June calendar, we’ve got more questions

“..you are causing problems … we had to change everything on my schedule to try to accommodate your time…”

“czar” Elizabeth Warren to Congressman Patrick McHenry 24 May 2011

Jonathan Strong The Daily Caller 6/1/2011

Elizabeth Warren, a top Obama aide and liberal darling, recently told the Republican chairman of a […]

Call Her Unaccountable

Call Her Unaccountable

Mary Kissel The Wall Street Journal 5/25/2011

The first discussion (approximately 2.5 minutes) in this video is with Mary Kissel of the editorial board with an update on Elizabeth Warren’s amazing appearance before Congress.

At C-SPAN, Elizabeth Warren Defends Consumer Watchdog Agency, Battles with GOP members over CFPB

Elizabeth Warren, […]