CNN: Two “active” Obama supporters at Bain confirm Romney left in 1999

Ed Morrissey 7/13/2012

CNN reported last night that the accusations from Team Obama of felonious conduct are sheer nonsense and lies — and got that message from four executives at Bain, two of whom are “active” supporters of Barack Obama. John King spoke to all four, three of whom are Democrats, and all four […]

‘Vanity Fair’ investigates Romney’s offshore bank accounts, finds nothing

Eddie Scarry The Blaze 7/3/2012

There’s a four-page investigation running in Vanity Fair on the most tired subject of the presidential race: Mitt Romney‘s money how private he is about it.

What we learn from the lengthy piece: Nothing, really. Except that having offshore accounts and taking advantage of tax loopholes:

“…kind of looks tacky.” […]

Anderson Cooper Blasts Spokesman for Deceptive Ad Regarding GOP and Women’s Health

Christopher Santarelli The Blaze 5/4/2012


While the mainstream media may be spending Friday fretting over Anderson Cooper’s remarks regarding conservative shock-jock Rush Limbaugh’s weight, the CNN host also got in a spat with a spokesman during AC 360 Thursday, slamming the organization‘s continued campaign to portray a GOP war on women’s health…


The rest of the story on those Andy Griffith Obamacare ads

Tom Fitton Op Ed Contributor Washington Examiner 12/3/2010

A new Judicial Watch investigation has found that President Obama spent millions of taxpayer dollars on a “misleading” propaganda campaign to help foster public support for his extremely unpopular “health care reform” law, also known as Obamacare.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, our investigators obtained documents […]