The States Fight in the Last Ditch Against Obamacare

They could still win if their leaders have the courage to stick to their guns.

David Catron The American Spectator 11/19/2012

Last July, I wrote that the states still had the power to kill Obamacare, despite the Supreme Court’s gross dereliction of duty in Florida v. HHS. My point was that the insurance exchanges required […]

ObamaCare decision likely by June 2012

Ken Klukowski Washington Examiner 9/29/2011

Things have changed on Obamacare since my last post this morning.

As of this morning, I had received DOJ’s cert petition to the Supreme Court asking the justices to take the Obamacare mega-case involving 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). I also received the petition filed […]