Gov. Sam Brownback Brushes off Eric Holder’s Opinions on 2nd Amendment Protection Act

Michael Boldin Tenth Amendment Center 5/2/2013

Today, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback sent a letter in response to Eric Holder’s direct threat against the state for its new law, the 2nd Amendment Protection Act. It reads, in part:

The State of Kansas is in receipt of your letter in which you place Kansas on notice regarding […]

Obama throws tantrum over gun control defeat

Rarely have Americans ever seen a president attack his opponents so viciously, expressing and evoking such visceral emotions–especially at a time of mourning.


Joel B. Pollak Big Government 17 Apr 2013

President Barack Obama lashed out defiantly and viciously at political opponents who defeated his efforts to expand federal gun […]

Kansas governor signs ‘Shariah bill’ to ban Islamic law

Bill ‘makes it clear that Kansas courts will rely exclusively on the laws of our state and our nation’; critics say it is discriminatory

Reuters via 5/26/2012

Republican Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill aimed at keeping state courts and agencies from using Islamic or other non-U.S. laws when making decisions, his office […]

Kansas returns $31.5M exchange grant

Jason Millman & Kate Nocera Politico 8/9/2011

Kansas is returning a $31.5 million grant to lead the way on exchange development, marking one of the largest rejections of federal money to implement a piece of health reform.

Kansas will send back to HHS an Early Innovator Grant it was awarded in February to build technology […]