Sen. Ted Cruz Delivers the Commencement Address at Hillsdale College

SenTedCruz YouTube 5/26/2013

11 May 2013 at Hillsdale College.

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Update: Palin Honors HS Grads. in Town that Helped Her Dad 49 Yrs. Ago: ‘You Got Us on Our Path’

Sarah Palin showed on Saturday she never forgets her roots, saying she was honored to address high school graduates in a […]

Senate Rules Committee freezes out Tea Party Debt Commission hearing

Steve Eggleston 11/18/2011

FreedomWorks had planned on unveiling its Tea Party Debt Commission recommendations at 2 pm in the Russell Senate Office Building, with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) sponsoring the event and several other Congressmen slated to attend. Instead, after prior approval, and with essentially no notice given, the Senate Rules Committee, chaired by […]

FDR, Churchill, and World War II Leadership

World War II Leadership Victor Davis Hanson 9/22/2010

Victor Hanson, a professor emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno, lectured to a history class on Masters and Commanders at Hillsdale College. In this fall seminar in classical and military history Professor Hanson examined how leaders, both civilian officials and generals on the battlefield, conducted […]

The Constitution and the Presidency

Dave in Texas Ace of Spades HQ 9/24/2010

A speech by Congressman Mike Pence, at Hillsdale College, on Monday, Sep. 20. I mentioned this in a post the other night, just from reading the text, how impressed I was with it.

He gets it going after introductions at 5:50.

On the office of the President […]

Mike Pence at Hillsdale: ‘The Presidency and the Constitution’

Paul A. Rahe 9/23/2010

Congressman Mike Pence spoke at Hillsdale College Monday night at the invitation of the Young Republicans. I attended the dinner held in his honor before the talk, briefly chatted with him, and listened with care and interest to his talk – which had as its subject “the Presidency and the […]