Executive Order 13547: ‘The Sleeping Power Grab’

Erika Johnsen HotAir.com 4/21/2012

To be fair, President Obama’s executive-order output hasn’t unreasonably outpaced that of his predecessors – his especial willingness to actively circumvent Congress and snatch huge gobs of power for the federal bureaucracy only makes it feel like he has.

In July of 2010, President Obama signed executive order 13547 – “Stewardship […]

Obama Admin Objects to Alaska Oil and Gas Development Bill

Phil Taylor The New York Times 6/16/2011

The Obama administration today said a proposal from House Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) to expedite oil and gas leasing and energy infrastructure permitting in an Alaska reserve could force federal regulators to flout environmental laws and includes a costly, redundant resource assessment.

Mike Pool, deputy director […]

Crude Oil Falls Below $100 a Barrel

Clifford Krauss The New York Times 5/5/2011

HOUSTON — Oil prices closed below $100 a barrel on Thursday during a session in which most commodity prices fell sharply, signaling that a recent run-up in commodities prices may finally be coming to an end.

After four months of surging higher, oil prices plummeted by almost 9 […]

Natural Resources Committee Passes Three Energy Bills to Create Jobs and Lower Gasoline Prices

Carol Greenberg Conservative Outlooks 4/13/2011

From an email from Chairman Hastings (R-WA).

Markup Update #2: Natural Resources Committee Passes Three Energy Bills to Create Jobs and Lower Gasoline Prices

WASHINGTON, DC – The House Natural Resources Committee today passed three energy bills with bipartisan support that are a part of House Republicans’ American […]

More jobs Americans won’t do. Unfortunately.

John Hinderaker Power Line 3/19/2011

This, from President Obama’s speech in Rio today, is the latest sign of America’s decline:

In particular, with the new oil finds off Brazil, President Rousseff has said that Brazil wants to be a major supplier of new stable sources of energy, and I’ve told her that the United States […]

House Republicans announce ‘drill here, drill now’ initiative

Carol Greenberg Conservative Outlooks 3/10/2011

By now you all are probably tired of hearing me harp on the energy issue, however, let’s face it. The US’ dependency on foreign oil hits all sectors of the country: our national security, our economics, our jobs, our businesses and the amount of dollars consumers have to spend. With […]