From light bulbs to sex lives, ‘this is a government that doesn’t know when to stop’

Joe Saunders BizPac Review 10/5/2014

A government that spends its time worrying about the country’s light bulbs, football teams, and college students’ sex lives simply isn’t capable of handling the challenges of war or deadly diseases, conservative columnist George Will said on Sunday.

And it can’t be trusted by its citizens to do so.

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10 March 2011

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H/T where Allahpundit has a link involving government regulated “mental activity.”

EPA’s Texas Takeover; Interior Department ‘Protects’ Utah’s ‘Wildlands’

EPA’s Texas Takeover…the last hope of a free republic

Randy’s Right Randy Dye 12/24/2010

Texas is one of 3 states that has the legal right of secession in the Untied States. I think the US needs Texas alot more than Texas needs DC. —Randy’s Right

The American: The Journal of the American Enterprise Institute:

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