11 September 2001: We shall never forget

Tapes Reveal Air Traffic Horror On 9/11

SkyNews.com 9/8/2011

Audio recordings, which reveal in real-time how US air traffic controllers and the military reacted to the September 11 terror attacks, have been released.

The audio also includes the voice of Mohamed Atta, the terrorist ringleader who piloted one of the two hijacked passenger planes that […]

How not to be mugged while you’re being ‘gate-raped’

In the airport: security at TSA security

neo-neocon 7/9/2011

As a friend of mine learned to his dismay the other day, “security” at the security checkpoint isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’d already read about a growing problem with TSA agents stealing from luggage. But, as my friend learned, it’s also necessary to […]

Did Logan Airport miss a chance at Atta?

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 7/2/2011

It may be the most infamous mug shot in American history. Did security at Logan Airport miss a chance five months before the 9/11 attacks to have it at every airport checkpoint in the US? According to depositions taken in a lawsuit against the Boston airport and the state troopers that […]