Where the Black Flags Fly

Daniel Greenfield Sultan Knish 8/25/2014

Media conveys immediacy, but it doesn’t convey culture. Its famous flattening effect makes shoppers at a Staples in D.C. or a Whole Foods in Berkeley feel like they’re right among the toppled buildings of Aleppo or Gaza, without actually giving them any insight into the motivations of the players.

They’re […]

Kira Davis: Human Nature

Kira Davis YouTube 4/22/2013

Why some Americans are ignorant of human nature and how that ignorance shortchanges domestic and foreign policy.

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H/T Alfonzo Rachel

Penn Jillette reveals which MSNBC host wants to sit down with Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck 4/11/2013

Penn Jillette is arguably one of the best guests Glenn has onto his show. The two are good friends and constantly debate over e-mail, even though they have wildly different opinions on a variety of topics. But their conversations always provide for an entertaining, intellectual and highly engaging debate. Tonight, Penn and […]

Andrew Cuomo: Abortion Practices Override Moral and Religious Objections

J. Robert Smith American Thinker 2/20/2013

New York Governor and Roman Catholic Andrew Cuomo’s apostasy on abortion now includes a greater measure of anti-liberty. Cuomo is tearing a page from President Obama’s failed attempt (thus far) to legally force religiously-affiliated hospitals and institutions to permit abortions at their facilities.

The Cuomo-backed legislation – innocuously termed […]

‘If I were the Devil…’

bctvguy YouTube 3/23/2012

Long time radio newsman/commentator Paul Harvey created the original of this homily around 1965. It was updated as the years went by and therefore versions of it vary over time. It is a warning to America about its own decay.

This audio has been corrected for proper speed and pitch and is […]

Dems use ecology, not theology, to gain moral ground

Obama Moralizing More on Green Energy

Chris Stirewalt FoxNews.com 3/16/2012

“One of my predecessors, Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone, ‘It’s a great invention, but who would ever want to use one’ That’s why he’s not on Mt. Rushmore — because he’s looking backwards. He’s not looking forwards. He’s explaining why we can’t […]