‘Furious’ report slams ‘disregard’ for public safety as DOJ officials quit

FoxNews.com 9/19/2012

A bombshell report released Wednesday on Operation Fast and Furious faulted a range of federal agencies for the failed anti-gunrunning program and accused officials in charge of a “disregard” for public safety. In the wake of the report, one Justice Department official resigned and another retired.

The sprawling report by the department’s inspector […]

Bill Whittle explains Fast and Furious and why Obama invoked executive privilege

Moneyrunner The Virginian 6/23/2012

For Obama and the MSM, three hundred dead Mexicans and one murdered American border patrol agent is a small price to pay for disarming Americans…

Read the rest of Moneyrunner’s commentary at The Virginian.

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Update: Obama mega-donor Bill Maher casts light on Fast […]

Jake Tapper sets the record straight about Fast and Furious timeline; Left cries ‘Bush’s fault!’

Twitchy 6/23/2012

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It’s difficult to talk about facts when they are constantly distorted. ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper gives a reminder that operation Fast and Furious began under the Obama administration.


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…To think, there are people who […]

Agents Terry and Zapata weren’t just some guys who died a year ago…

Latest Democrat who can’t remember murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s name

Michelle Malkin 6/21/2012

Last night, it was Democratic strategist Tamara Holder who couldn’t remember slain Border Patrol agent and Fast and Furious casualty Brian Terry’s name. She coldly called him “the guy” who “died a year ago.” (Video at The Right Scoop.)

During […]

House Committee Approves Holder Contempt Resolution

William LaJeunesse and Chad Pergram FoxNews.com 6/20/2012


The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has approved a resolution holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

The measure now goes to the full House.


Rep. Darrell Issa pressed ahead with a committee vote Wednesday to hold Attorney General […]

Gunwalker documents released late today contradict Administration

Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner 10/31/2011

A news story released just over an hour ago by Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News shows that documents dumped late today by the Department of Justice (DOJ) contradict statements made by Attorney-General Eric Holder and other DOJ officials concerning what they knew about the Gunwalker scandal and when they knew […]