Beck: ‘After what I have learned this week I’m a changed person.’

Glenn Beck

…”Think about the thing we were discussing passing this week. Gun control because we have to be able to protect. Because the government can protect you. We were talking about talking about making it more difficult to buy guns while somebody just blew the legs off American citizens. With what? Guns? No. With something that my grandmother used all summer in her kitchen.
At the same time we’re talking about comprehensive immigration reform on things that nobody has even read. Meanwhile who has been blowing the legs off of our citizens? People who are foreign nationals here on a Visa. Here under amnesty. Because our immigration, and amnesty situation is so screwed up, that these guys did they really escape persecution? We’re finding out now that mom is in jail because she was a thief. This summer she was stealing. We just heard the audio of the dad back in Russia. He sounds pretty much like an extremist.

But that’s not the worst of it.

I want you to listen carefully. Yesterday, the F.B.I. released the pictures of and video of two men they say were suspects in the Boston bombings. These are the one was killed last night, and the other hopefully being killed right now. They say they believe the two men carried and placed the two bombs that killed the three innocent Americans including an eight year old boy and injured more than 200 Americans.

Absent from their announcement was any mention of the Saudi national. Now the documents were brought to our attention at TheBlaze, and those documents indicate that this guy is scheduled for deportation next Tuesday due to issues related to national security. The document goes on to say that the individual is linked to the Boston bombing. That’s what the federal document says….”


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CAJ note: On 18 April we posted this article by Walid Shoebat about the Saudi man, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi: Shoebat: ‘Innocent’ Saudi has ties to several Al-Qaeda Terrorists


Related:  Caught just in time: ‘Bombers were about to plant MORE devices but plot was spoiled by release of CCTV photos’

The Boston bombers were planning more attacks across the city and were already building the bombs to do this says the city’s police commissioner Ed Davis…


WaPo: Police Released Boston Suspects’ Photos to ‘Limit the Damage’ Being Done by Reddit, Media

The decision to release images of the men later identified as Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev came partly because investigators wanted to “limit the damage” being done by amateur Internet sleuths and the news media in fingering the wrong people as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings…


Mayor Says Boston Bombing Suspects Acted Alone — But Some Aren’t So Sure


The Russians Warned FBI About Bombing Suspect 6 Months Ago?

NBC News is reporting that Tamerlan Tsarnaev “had been seen making six visits to a known Islamic militant in a mosque in the Russian republic of Dagestan” and the “visits came during a six month trip that Tamerlan made to the city of Makhachkala to see his family.”

According to the Telegraph, a local police official said “a case file on Tsarnaev was then handed over to the FBI along with a request for further information. However, the FBI never replied.”…

Read the whole thing.

The Feds must have been crushed with work investigating the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi. Oh, wait…


Israeli Doctors are Treating Boston Bombing Suspect: New Details on His Condition

As 19-year-old Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev “clings to life,” Israeli media revealed that two of the senior doctors treating Tsarnaev have abundant past experience treating victims of terror. That’s because they’re from Israel.

Dr. Kevin (Ilan) Tabb, president and CEO of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Bostontold the Israeli website Ynet that Tsarnaev is in stable condition but that because of wounds to his throat, he may never be able to speak again.

Tabb received his medical degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is also a board member of Hadassah-Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. That background gave him a unique perspective in responding to Monday’s terrorist attack.

“Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with these types of injuries after years of treating people injured in terror attacks in Israel,” Tabb said…

Schumer, Graham Battle to Save Immigration Bill After Boston Terror

Update: Is there a Saudi connection to the Boston Marathon massacre? 

H/T iOwnTheWorld

Report: FBI Told Bomber’s Family They Knew He Was an “Extremist Leader”

It Begins: ‘The NRA and the Republican Party Made It Easier For The Boston Bombers to Get Weapons’

The Globe reports: “Islam might have had secondary role in Boston attacks”

[W]e have the worst possible president to deal with the situation. And even after an event as heinous as Boston, he is supported by a media desperate to preserve his narrative at all costs

…The Globe story is by Lisa Wangsness. It is a classic of its kind…

Update 2: One student gets it: ‘I cannot believe he had the balls to come back and act like nothing happened’: Shocked classmates’ anger at bomber

The day after the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, the surviving suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spent time at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he was enrolled, and ‘acted like nothing happened,’ a friend of his, who saw him that day, told ABC News’s Nightline…

…Two days prior [to his capture], the 19-year-old Chechen terror suspect partied with college friends on Wednesday night and was said to ‘look relaxed

Hours before the deadly shootout which claimed his brother’s life Tsarnaev was seen on a night out on campus.

A fellow University of Massachusetts student told the Boston Globe: ‘He was just relaxed’…



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