Why Big Labor couldn’t match Glenn Beck’s rally

Byron York Washington Examiner 10/4/2010

The nation’s biggest, richest and most powerful labor unions spent months organizing the “One Nation Working Together” rally at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday. With midterm elections approaching, they hoped to put on a show of political strength to energize struggling Democratic candidates. But even after giving it everything they had, […]

Parks employee about the 10-2-10 mess: ‘This is the worst it gets’

Hate Rally: Parks Employee Cleaning Up Mess Says, “The is the Worst It Gets”

Breitbart.tv 10/4/2010

How the socialists at the “One Nation” rally treats the working man. We call on the SEIU and the NAACP to condemn the litterers in their ranks.

CAJ note: to widely paraphrase blogger Kathy Shaidle, “YOU are not […]

A new low at the ‘One Nation’ rally

CAJ note: After posting Trevor Loudon’s video (see previous post) I didn’t want to blog one more thing about this crap-tastic event. But when I saw this video, I thought you should see it, too. Eco-hypocrites, indeed.

A New Low… One Nation Rally Attendees Trash World War II Memorial

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 10/3/2010

They came… […]

Socialists Dominate “One Nation” Rally

Trevor Loudon NewZeal 10/3/2010

Today”s One Nation rally in Washington DC was supposed to be show of union and “community” support for the president and the Democratic Party.

Instead it showed that the Democrats base has been so eroded, that that open socialists and communists seem to be the backbone of Barack Obama’s support base.


8/28 and 10-2-10

Let’s Compare Aerial Pictures of the 10/2 and 8/28 Rallies

Scott Baker The Blaze 10/3/2010

Within hours of the 8/28 rally CBS News had posted expert analysis of the rally attendance and concluded that 87,000 people had attended.

I was pretty sure, given the hype around the “One Nation” rally, that they would do […]

The Washington Mall, then and now


Da Techguy’s article compares two events on the Washington Mall, 9/12 and today’s One Nation:

Or, as Weasel Zippers noted in an article with good photo comparisons, Eco-Hypocrites.

The folks at WZ are all over today’s rally. Check out their article and video of Harry Belafonte’s speech. It’s a doozy! And this: