Holiday Document Dump: 1,300 Pages Of Obamacare Regs On July 4th Eve

Larry O’Connor

Truth Revolt


The Department of Health and Human Services released nearly 1,300 pages of new regulations related to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) at 4:15 Thursday, just as the nation was beginning their Independence Day holiday weekend, The regulations deal with payment rates to doctors and hospitals. How doctors get paid by […]

The Supreme Court’s Dismal ObamaCare Decision

How conservative legal philosophy helped create the health care ruling

We must beware the dangerous temptation to read our own values into the Constitution and to assume that anything we think good is in there somewhere and anything we think is bad is forbidden.

Sheldon Richman Reason Magazine 7/8/2012

Amid all of Chief […]

AMA Site Recommends Mandatory Vaccine Experimentation

The Cruel Science Experiment They Want to Force You to Take

While mandatory vaccine trial participation is still nothing but a theoretical proposal, everyone should be educated about their medical rights, including their right to refuse vaccinations of all kinds. In the US, you have three types of exemptions: religious, medical, and philosophical, […]

AMA journal article suggests mandating participation in experimental vaccine trials ‘for the greater good’

Ethan A. Huff Natural News 1/20/2012

Some of the most deranged and sociopathic individuals on the planet hold respected positions of authority in medicine and at institutions of higher learning, and a recent journal article in the American Medical Association (AMA)’s Journal of Ethics serves as a reminder of this disturbing reality. In the article, […]

The Wisconsin Protests and the New Medical Ethics

The breaches of professional ethics displayed in Wisconsin may be an ominous foretaste of future problems Americans can expect under ObamaCare.

Paul Hsieh Pajamas Media 2/21/2011

During the recent Wisconsin protests pitting the public-sector teachers’ union against a governor attempting to rein in their overly generous benefits, several doctors were caught on camera apparently handing […]

Doctors face 23% cut in Medicare payments due to ObamaCare

theblogprof 11/10/2010

As part of the bogus magic numbers trumpeted by liberals and the establishment MSM in the run-up to ObamaCare was the double-counting of savings, 6 years of benefits for 10 years of taxes, $500 billion siphoned out of Medicare, and the ‘doctor fix’ where to make the numbers ‘work,’ doctors were going to […]