What is really happening in Bahrain and why it matters

Gregory White Business Insider 3/16/2011

First, what’s happening right now:

Protesters in Bahrain are being killed by police officers in street conflicts, in what appears to be a campaign of fear by the country’s authorities to thwart the sort of political revolution that was staged in Egypt. Saudi Arabian, UAE, and Qatari troops are also […]

Double standards and an imbecile media

Melanie Phillips The Spectator [UK] 16th February 2011

Egypt is now under a military dictatorship once again with precious little prospect of true democratic reform or human rights. It has also been reported that an Islamist theocratic fanatic has been appointed to head Egypt’s Constitutional Committee. So much for all those hailing the fall of […]

Bahrain blocks Al Jazeera team

AlJazeera.net 5/19/2010

The government of Bahrain has issued a decree to shut down Al Jazeera’s bureau in the capital, Manama, citing what it called the TV channel’s “breach of media norms”.

In a statement on Tuesday, Bahrain’s culture and information ministry accused the network of “flouting the laws regulating the press and publishing” in the […]