Obama’s Summer Executive Order Allows Apprehension and Detention of “Well Persons” During Time of Outbreak

Eric Odom Liberty News 9/30/2014

News of today’s confirmation of Ebola in the U.S. is disconcerting enough as it is. But now that reporters are digging into planned protocols should an outbreak occur here at home, we’re starting to get a glimpse of just how nasty things could be.

How nasty? Well, how about executive […]

Ebola Tested Across the Nation; Government Suppresses Info

Warner Todd Huston Breitbart.com Big Peace 5 Aug 2014

After Tuesday’s Ebola update news conference in New York, confusion reigned on the “six” patients reportedly being treated for possible Ebola infections in the Big Apple. Breitbart News has learned that the confusion stems from there not being six potential Ebola cases in New York– it […]

Ebola Spreads in Africa—and Likely Will Spread Beyond

The Ebola virus has killed a Liberian doctor and infected two Americans in the worst-ever Ebola epidemic, which has now spread to Nigeria.

Karen Weintraub National Geographic 7/28/2014

…Public health experts say they expect the virus to reach other parts of the world, including the United States, though it’s unlikely to spread widely in regions […]

Bachmann at the Border: ‘Bills Don’t Stop the Problem’

Josh Siegel The Daily Signal 7/31/2014

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., traveled to the Texas border with Mexico last weekend to get a close-up look of the border crisis. In an exclusive on-camera interview with The Daily Signal, Bachmann describes what she saw, supported by video and photos that she shot with her iPhone…

…“The bills […]

Disease Tsunami Washing Across Our Border

Editorial Investors.com 7/17/2014

…An internal Department of Defense memo obtained by ABC News reports that the director of refugee health at Health and Human Services “has identified a breakdown of the medical screening processes at the Nogales, Ariz., facility.” This may be just the tip of a medical-disaster iceberg.

Officials involved in moving the immigrants […]

We Are All Border States Now

Mark Steyn SteynOnline 7/15/2014

President Obama took it upon himself to dissolve the southern border of the United States (it’s a different matter on the 49th parallel, as Canadians or tourists bearing Kinder eggs well know). So, if there is no southern borderde jure, where is it de facto? Try Massachusetts:

DARTMOUTH, Mass. – Bristol […]