Friday, 7 February 1964.

The Beatles arrived at 1:20 PM on Pam Am Flight 101 at America’s newly-named John F. Kennedy International Airport in Jamaica, New York.

Video compiled by Kathy Cermak YouTube 4/14/2009

Here is a sample from a 15 minute clip made from every newsreel, newsreport, raw footage, etc filmed of the boys arriving in America on […]

Usain Bolt Stops Interview for U.S. National Anthem

thesportsgeeks Metacafe 05 Aug 2012


Usain Bolt is not an American athlete. He is from Jamaica and he set London ablaze this weekend setting new Olympic records.

American bronze medallist Justin Gatlin, left. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, right, rewrites Olympic history once again. Click on the image to enlarge.


H/T Rob […]

Sen. Inhofe Presses Administration on Law of the Sea

“This is the first time in history, that an international organization, the U.N. in this case, would possess taxing authority over this country.”

JimInhofePressOffice YouTube 5/23/2012

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Senator Inhofe presses Secretary Clinton, Secretary Panetta, and Gen. Dempsey on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).



‘…another cheerful, optimistic Conservative in the making…

The US isn’t France: My Jamaican friend at the mini-mart

The Barrister Maggie’s Farm 11/9/2010

My cheerful, voluble friend at our local Cumbie/24-hr gas station has been working the night shift for 8 months. He’s about 25, a recent single Jamaican (legal) immigrant who lives with his Mom. He is not a Rastaman. His Mom […]