Wall Street in Multi-Day Retreat

Adam Samson Fox Business 11/8/2012

The markets took heavy losses for a second day in a row Thursday in a broad-based retreat late in the session. Every major sector closed to the downside.

Today’s Markets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 121 points, or 0.94%, to 12811, the S&P 500 dipped 17 points, or 1.2%, […]

I Don’t Dig Their Way

Dennis Miller Dennis Miller Radio 2/27/2012

Dennis says that the country is going two different ways right now and he hopes that the winning way is where we go back to the country we were all along.

Listen to the audio at DennisMillerRadio.com


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‘The Entire System Has Been Utterly Destroyed by the MF Global Collapse’ – Presenting the First MF Global Casualty

Tyler Durden ZeroHedge 11/17/2011

Presented without comment, merely to confirm that the market as we know it, no longer exists.

BCM Has Ceased Operations (source) Posted by Ann Barnhardt – November 17, AD 2011 10:27 AM MST

Dear Clients, Industry Colleagues and Friends of Barnhardt Capital Management,

It is with regret and unflinching moral certainty […]

Obama solicitor general: If you don’t like mandate, earn less money

Phillip Klein Washington Examiner 6/2/2011

President Obama’s solicitor general, defending the national health care law on Wednesday, told a federal appeals court that Americans who didn’t like the individual mandate could always avoid it by choosing to earn less money.

Neal Kumar Katyal, the acting solicitor general, made the argument under questioning before the U.S. […]

If rich aren’t paying their ‘fair share,’ then what’s fair?

Philip Klein Washington Examiner 4/19/2011

Today, President Obama is kicking off a road show campaigning for raising taxes on higher income earners to help reduce the debt. We’ll no doubt hear a lot about how the rich need to pay their “fair share.” Yet an analysis of tax data shows that wealthier taxpayers already pay […]