The 2011 Tax Tsunami

Gary Wickert Pajamas Media 11/18/2010

…The cause and effect phenomenon of tax cuts resulting in increased federal tax revenues is difficult to figure out only for those who have never run a business, met a payroll, or read a balance sheet. It was, in fact, one of the most famous Democrats in history who memorialized […]

Quote of the day…

10 November 2010

“We are fed up with being overtaxed and overregulated. We are tired of being told how much salt we can put on our food, what windows we can buy for our house, what kind of cars we can drive, what kinds of guns we can own, what kind of prayers we are […]

Obama Says ‘There is Going to be a Tug-Of-War Within the United States Between Those Who See Globalization as a Threat and Those Who Accept’ It

Sad Hill News 11/7/2010

As luck would have it, on the same day Obama warned naysayers of his global agenda, the Wall Street Journal unveiled its worldwide economic forecast – and it ain’t pretty. But let’s start with Obama’s comments from today’s speech in Mumbai.

(Times of India) Implicitly acknowledging the decline of American dominance, […]

Chinese Official Denies Report of Plan to Cut Rare Earth Mineral Exports 10/20/2010

A Chinese commerce ministry official is denying a report that the country will cut its export quotas for rare earth minerals by 30 percent next year.

The China Business News reported the development a day after an unnamed commerce ministry official told the China Daily that Beijing would reduce the quotas to conserve […]

Energy Department: We Have ‘Mandate’ to Force ‘Market Transformation’ for Household Appliances

theblogprof 9/30/2010

Once again, the ruling class – in this case unelected appointees – is making decisions for the rest of us because they believe us to be too stupid to decide for ourselves. There is absolutely nothing in our lives too small for the federal government to want to control. That includes the microwave […]

George Will: Liberalism is What is Killing California

George Will Real Clear Politics 1/10/2010

…Kevin Starr, author of an eight-volume — so far — history of the (formerly) Golden State, says California is “on the verge” of becoming something without an American precedent — “a failed state.” William Voegeli, writing in the Claremont Review of Books, tartly says that “Rome wasn’t sacked in […]