Obama to Miami anchor: Hugo Chávez has not posed ‘serious’ national security threat

Patricia Mazzei The Miami Herald 7/10/2012

Oscar Haza, a well known Miami Spanish-language broadcast journalist and anchor, scored an interview this week in Washington with President Barack Obama in which Obama said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has not posed a “serious” national security threat to the United States…

…Haza asked about the alliance between Venezuelan […]

Call to Action: We Must Retake the Senate to Repeal Obamacare – List of Closest Senate Races and Links to Get Involved

@iResistAll Pat Dollard 6/29/2012

In order to repeal Obamacare, we need a Republican majority in the Senate. The Senate currently has 53 Democrats, and 47 Republicans. Republicans must hold all of their Senate seats, PLUS pick up four more. According to Real Clear Politics, there are currently eight toss up seats for U.S. Senate. Two […]

Two Congressmen, two statements about tonight’s Budget Control Act vote, and a President who plainly loathes the political system in which he serves

Boehner Debt-Ceiling Bill Barely Passes House 218-210; 22 GOP ‘No’ Votes

Robert Stacy McCain The Other McCain 7/29/2011

Statement from Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) explaining his “no” vote:

I cannot in good conscience vote for a bill that puts the future of my grandchildren and of generations to come in jeopardy. While I respect my […]

You shall not pass this bill

Freedom Watch Fox Business 7/28/2011

Sen. Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), on how he feels about being called a hobbit by Sen. John McCain and the Tea Party’s long march into Mordor to destroy the ring of power.

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

Update: Ace of Spades HQ discusses the “Penny Plan.”


Iran Placing Medium-Range Missiles in Venezuela; Can Reach the U.S.

Anna Mahjar-Barducci Hudson New York 12/8/2010

Iran is planning to place medium-range missiles on Venezuelan soil, based on western information sources, according to an article in the German daily, Die Welt, of November 25, 2010. According to the article, an agreement between the two countries was signed during the last visit of Venezuelan President Hugo […]

Chile miners could be rescued Tuesday — with Florida Republican’s help

Photo AFP/Getty. Miners' families embrace American driller Matt Staffel upon completion of the rescue shaft

Andrew Malcolm Top of the Ticket Los Angeles Times 10/11/2010

Chile miners must be thanking the heavens for Florida Rep. Connie Mack right about now. Or soon anyway.

The men have been trapped nearly a half-mile underground for […]