McConnell: Lawmakers Should be Working On a Solution to This Crisis, Not a Blocking Strategy

RepublicanLeader YouTube 7/29/2011

H/T The Blaze, where Meredith Jessup writes, “Boom. Winning.”

CAJ note: Our readers know there has not been even so much as a budget proposal from the Democratic Senate in 821 days. In May the Senate voted down the President’s only contribution to the debate by a vote of 97-0. This […]

You shall not pass this bill

Freedom Watch Fox Business 7/28/2011

Sen. Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), on how he feels about being called a hobbit by Sen. John McCain and the Tea Party’s long march into Mordor to destroy the ring of power.

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Update: Ace of Spades HQ discusses the “Penny Plan.”


Obama calls for tax hike; GOP says no

Dan Tuohy New Hampshire Union Leader 7/25/2011

With dueling debt limit plans facing stalemate, President Obama warned Monday night of the economic calamity of missing a default deadline of Aug. 2 to pay all the country’s bills.

Interest rates would skyrocket on credit cards, mortgages, car loans and student loans, costing America jobs and business […]

Fidel Obama and the ‘Banana Republic’ of America

BigFurHat iOwnTheWorld 7/23/2011


GOP readies new debt ceiling plan; bill set for Sunday

House Republicans are finishing work on a new proposal to resolve the standoff over the debt ceiling. The proposal, set to be finished and crafted into the form of a bill by Sunday, will be in two parts. The first […]

Rep. Joe Walsh [Hero-IL] to Media Lapdog Chris Matthews: ‘Obama Doesn’t Send A Thrill Up My Leg’

“the American people are beyond you”

~Rep. Joe Walsh

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 7/20/2011

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) took on liberal bully Chris Matthews yesterday on Hardball. The best line, of course, was when Walsh reminded Matthews that the job-killing socialist Obama, “Doesn’t send a thrill up my leg.”

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Glenn Beck discuss debt ceiling 7/19/2011

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Update: Levin blasts Republicans for folding on debt limit deal

House approves ‘cut, cap and balance’ bill 234-190

West: Obama is an intransigent liberal progressive socialist who is also Marxist

The President’s concern is about getting […]