Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony

Stella Paul American Thinker 9/5/2012

As Bill Clinton once again takes center stage at the Democratic National Convention, let’s amuse ourselves by screening the vilest soap opera in American history: Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony.

This one’s got it all: two sham marriages, sexual perversions, and national treachery at the highest level. Naturally, […]

Muslim Brotherhood’s Weeklong Celebration of the Caliphate at Virginia Military Institute

…Obama’s administration has changed the ROTC grants program, so that the ruling dynasty of the United Arab Emirates, through the IIE, is now managing Defense Department grants that define ROTC foreign language and culture education…

Ed Cid Mar Big Peace 3/22/2011

Amid talk on Capitol Hill about defunding public broadcasting—and just after NPR […]

Egypt’s Antiquities Fall Victim to the Mob

A definitive answer to the question: Should the Elgin Marbles be returned to Greece?

A member of the special forces stands guard at the Egyptian Museum/Photo AP

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Alex Joffe The Wall Street Journal 2/1/2011

When Zahi Hawass, the secretary general of the Supreme Council […]

Gingrich Calls For Federal Ban On Shariah Law In US

Evan McMorris-Santoro TPM DC 9/18/2010

The second morning of speeches at the Values Voter Summit here in DC was dominated by a man who is swiftly becoming the nation’s spokesperson for Islamophobia — former House speaker Newt Gingrich. Fresh off the release of his Islam-focused film “America At Risk,” Gingrich told the crowd at VVS […]

Flag-burning at the American Embassy in London: Anjem Choudary’s 9/11 Protest

American Embassy 9/11 Protest: Anjem Choudary’s back!

Durotrigan 12 September 2010

Whilst the global media understandably focused its attention upon the commemoration of 9/11 in New York and rival protests against and for the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, a smaller protest was underway outside of the US Embassy in London. Unsurprisingly, the face and voice of […]

English Defense League respect 9/11 victims, oppose Muslim extremists

Demotix 11th September 2010

Over 150 English Defence League members marched to pay their respects to those killed on 9/11 at the Grosvenor Square memorial, going on for a brief stop at the American Embassy before going on to protest at the Saudi Embassy. London, UK.

The English Defence League (EDL) gathered at the ‘Hog […]