Crony Capitalism and Algae Energy

Thomas Lifson American Thinker 3/20/2012

Why on earth did President Obama offer algae as a solution to America’s energy problems?…An answer may lie in his addiction to crony capitalism…

Solazyme, a San Francisco-based firm that specializes in the plant matter, has received more than $25 million in federal grants and contracts as part of Obama […]

Another beneficiary of ‘stimulus’ tax dollars

Hundreds of millions in federal funds went to his energy company

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 12/16/2011

The founder of an energy company that benefited from deals involving hundreds of millions in “stimulus” money made the maximum donation allowable to President Obama’s inauguration, WND has learned.

Peter L. Corsell, founder of GridPoint Inc., contributed $50,000 to the […]

RFK, Jr. Fails to Refute Key Details of His Sweetheart Deal from Taxpayers

Peter Schweizer Big Government 11/29/2011

I’ve been called many things in the last two weeks with the release of my new book Throw Them All Out by politicians from both political parties, but never a “sock puppet.”

That is how Robert Kennedy Jr. has chosen to respond to my book Throw Them All Out where […]