Report: EPA Colluded With Green Groups to Bankrupt Coal Industry

Fox Business Facebook 9/17/2014  

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Post by Fox Business.



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RFK, Jr. Fails to Refute Key Details of His Sweetheart Deal from Taxpayers

Peter Schweizer Big Government 11/29/2011

I’ve been called many things in the last two weeks with the release of my new book Throw Them All Out by politicians from both political parties, but never a “sock puppet.”

That is how Robert Kennedy Jr. has chosen to respond to my book Throw Them All Out where […]

Obama Decries the ‘Connected’ While His Government Hands Robert Kennedy Jr’s Company $1.4 Billion

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While in Hawaii this week, President Obama said this amid his confusion over thinking that he was actually in Asia. Asia, middle of the Pacific, whatever:

When I meet with world leaders, what’s striking, whether it’s in Europe or here in Asia, uh….the kind of fundamental reforms and changes, […]