Glenn Beck: A Show for Our Police Officers

The Daily Beck 3/3/2011

Police officers are being asked to stand in solidarity with the unions. And why shouldn’t they? No one has a problem with teachers or the vast majority of everyday union members.

But the people who are leading these protests, like Van Jones, are engendering revolution and a chaotic spirit across the […]

1,500 teachers paid to do union business instead of teach

Susan Edelman The New York Post 2/27/2011

In the city’s funny math, you get only one teacher for the price of two.

The Department of Education pays about 1,500 teachers for time they spend on union activities — and pays other teachers to replace them in the classroom.

It’s a sweetheart deal that costs taxpayers […]

Union fear and loathing in Denver

CAJ note: We have already published articles about this shameful incident that occurred in Denver earlier this week. Our articles, with videos: More tolerance from the pro-union, progressive left in America and Unions play rough, but not necessarily smart (yeah, we know it’s grammatically incorrect, but that was our point.) The more we read about […]