Ayers draws crowd at University of Wyoming

Bob Moen
Associated Press
via Washington Examiner

LARAMIE, WYO. — In the end, the former 1960s radical delivered a professional speech that drew more than a thousand listeners and very few protesters.

Security was tight Wednesday as William Ayers spoke on education concerns at the University of Wyoming after a federal judge forced the school to host him.

UW President Tom Buchanan had decided not to allow the current University of Illinois-Chicago professor to speak on campus over concern that veiled threats the university had received from people opposed to Ayers would result in violence.

But the event, which included bag and coat searches and bomb-sniffing dogs, was held without any incidents at a campus gym that normally hosts volleyball and wrestling matches…

…Ayers initially was invited to the Wyoming campus by the UW Social Justice Research Center, but the privately endowed organization canceled the invitation because of hundreds of critical phone calls and e-mails.

Student Meg Lanker then invited Ayers to speak on campus, but Buchanan refused to rent out space for the event, citing safety concerns.

Lanker and Ayers sued the university, saying it violated their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly. They suggested the university was more concerned about losing donors than safety…

The entire article is at the Washington Examiner.

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