Burying Breitbart

Joy McCann
Conservative Commune

…The movement really needed someone like Andrew who could strategize about the best ways to use New Media, and could trip up the Legacy guys using, for example, the brilliant timing Breitbart employed in the rollout of the O’Keeffe/ACORN videos. Now, though, I think his people have learned the ropes, and will be fully capable of carrying on. All of them—John, Dana, Larry, and the rest—are powerhouses in their own right.

Breitbart's Capos: Funeral day this past Tuesday. click on the image to enlarge


The photo comes courtesy of Dana Loesch‘s social-media feeds (via her husband), and it tells us everything we need to know about the editors who worked with Andrew: they are clearly determined to carry on.

But standing up to the narrative we’re being fed by the legacy media is up to all of us. Not just those who edit or write for the Bigs; not just those who live in big cities, or on the coasts. We have to point out the nakedness of the emperors all around us; we have to tell the truth. And we have to find ways to keep our own side honest without actually sowing dissent in the ranks—a balancing act Andrew was just teaching himself, and others, mere weeks before his death.

The bottom line? Don’t let them get by with lying. That’s it.

And that is Andrew’s legacy: he put the last nail in the coffin of MSM privilege. The jig is truly up.

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So goodbye, great man—and thank you. You’ve shown us how it’s done.

The rest is up to us.

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Update: Jay Thomas to Joel Pollak on CNN: Why are you afraid of black people?

Actor Jay Thomas this morning challenged Breitbart.com’s Joel Pollak on CNN this morning, accusing him of airing the previously unseen Obama Harvard video because he was “frightened” of black people…

…What Thomas didn’t know is that Pollak’s wife was born in South Africa..

Also, Michelle Malkin: ‘This is all about Alinskyite control of who tells the story’

Update 2:  Breitbart Journalism Team Comes Together from Across America to Honor Publisher

…Jon Kahn, a Los Angeles based musician and close friend of Breitbart’s who often traveled with him around the country–and performed at the National Tea Party convention–handled many of the funeral events, and said the planning of the service mirrored Breitbart’s personality…

...Journalists whom Breitbart gradually hand picked one at a time, based in different locations around the country flew into Los Angeles on Monday creating an unusual scene in the company newsroom, which is typically only inhabited full time by about four of the company’s members…

…As of 9 p.m. PST Kahn announced that the funeral already had 648 confirmed guests, a number that was much higher than expected since the service was planned as a private, intimate event. U.S. Congressional Representatives Louie Goemert of Texas and Steve King of Iowa informed Breitbart reporters Monday they would be flying to Los Angeles to attend, and staff members from the offices U.S. Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain as well as President George W. Bush in Dallas expressed their sympathies via e-mail and telephone…

Also Andrew Breitbart, Great Communicator 

Update 3The Breitbart Boston Memorial

Update 4: H/T Da Techguy , too, for links to the New York and Washington gatherings memorializing Andrew Breitbart.

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