California Workers Want Out of SEIU, SEIU Says ‘No Way’

The Lonely Conservative

When I first heard about this I thought “Welcome to the Hotel California. … You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” Two groups of county workers in Fresno, California aren’t happy with the SEIU and they want to vote to rid themselves of the union. Well, the SEIU isn’t taking it sitting down, and they’re using the workers’ dues to fight the workers. Social worker Candy Gonzalez compared it to a bad marriage, and said she and her coworkers want a divorce.

They’re going to invest whatever they have to invest to keep us in this marriage. What’s sad is they’re using our money to probably fight us. …We have people that we are servicing that have been without employment for two or three years. For us to go out on strike when there’s so many people not working, it didn’t seem right. …Why are we stuck with a service we no longer want?

They’re stuck with it because it’s the SEIU. Gee, I wonder whose side Obama’s NLRB will take?…

Watch the video at The Lonely Conservative.

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