Catherine Herridge: This is the Smoking Gun Warning of a Coming Attack in Benghazi

Ace of Spades HQ

The cable went straight to Hillary Clinton’s office.

 “I really believe, having read it, that it is the smoking gun warning here. You’ve got this emergency meeting in Benghazi, less than a month before the attack. At that briefing, the people are told that there are ten, ten, Islamic militias and al-Qaeda groups in Benghazi. The consulate can not sustain a coordinated attack and they need extra help. This information goes directly to the office of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So, again, you have the culpability of the State Department. This is a very specific warning that they’re in trouble, they need help and they see an attack on the horizon,” FOX News’ Catherine Herridge reported on FOX News’ “On the Record” Wednesday night.

The cable, reported yesterday, is damning...

The article continues, with video of Greta van Susteren interviewing Catherine Herridge, at Ace of Spades HQ.

Related Benghazi breaking through into “mainstream consciousness”?  

…Given how late our legacy media are to the story, Paul Wolfowitz helps them out, by providing a list of “things about administration policy, behavior, and conduct that deserve to be challenged” and which journalists truly concerned about the truth could ask about and investigate.  (Via Jennifer Rubin.)

If former Attorney General Michael Mukasey is right, journalists might not need to do much investigation.  He contends that “the facts are simple, they are known, they are available; the only thing that remains is to disclose them.”…

Update: More docs found at consulate show Amb. Stevens worried about security, noticed troubling surveillance on day of attack

Update 2: Glenn Beck to Media Outlets Sitting on Damning Benghazi Emails: Release Them or Be Exposed

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