Common American Journal Condemns Slanderous and Malicious ‘American Chronicle’ Article

12 January 2011

An email this afternoon from Patriots for America brought the following shameful and disgusting article in the American Chronicle of Beverly Hills, CA, to our attention. In the strongest terms possible we condemn the article’s premise that the Westboro Baptist Church and “Conservative Tea Party Activists” are one and the same group. Anyone who is not affiliated with the political left in America understands there is in no way any collaboration at all between Fred Phelps‘ heinous demonstrations and any Tea Party group on the face of the planet. The Tea Party and other conservative groups from across America have condemned Phelps and his wretched group on dozens of occasions.

The author of this hit piece, “Christian Church” declares, “I am an independent American patriot who respects the United States Constitution, liberty, and the dedicated men and women who serve our nation in the United States military.” Perhaps that is so. But the article they have penned is libelous, false, and vile–no decent human being has yet been heard to say that Loughner is a hero. The Westboro group do not qualify as decent human beings, in our opinion.

This article is being printed in full here because we have all seen similar hate-filled articles by the left get scrubbed over the weekend. If it disappears, we have a screen-shot.

We defy “Christian Church” to link to articles or document supporting these assertions, to prove with credible evidence whether their statements are factual. We challenge them to retract or correct this dishonest and entirely defamatory pile of excrement.

Tea Party Will Picket Christina Greene´s Funeral

Christian Church
American Chronicle
January 11, 2011

Conservative Tea Party Activists from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas say they will picket the funeral of Christina Greene, the 9-year-old girl who was murdered in cold blood during the Tea Party sponsored assassination rampage in Tucson, Arizona last weekend. In a statement released to the press yesterday, activists for the Westboro Tea Party movement said, “You put that child (and all of your children) in the crosshairs of a raging mad God when you raised her in the Catholic Pedophile Monster: priests rape children! You Catholic perverts pay the salaries of pedophile rapists worldwide. You taught her that humans are able to circumvent God´s commandments. He says, ´No Divorce´ while you say, ´We´ll just call it an annulment.´ God hates Catholics.”

Christina Greene, a Catholic, was one of six innocent people murdered during a “meet-and-greet” event held by Democratic Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords (D-AZ) in a parking lot outside a shopping center on Saturday. Rep. Giffords, whose office was vandalized after she voted for the federal health care reform law last year, was named on Republican Sarah Palin’s “targeted” list. Palin´s list used the cross-hairs of a gun-sight to identify specific Democrats in the country to “target.” Giffords understood the not-so-well veiled threat of violence, stating “the thing is that the way Palin has it depicted, we’re in the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they’ve got to realize that there are consequences to that action.”

Gifford now lies in a hospital after Tea Party activist Jared Loughner shot and wounded her. Six others, including a federal judge and Christina Greene, were murdered by Loughner in cold blood. Tea Party activists in the state are calling the murder spree an “event.” And they are using publicity from these murders to fundraise for their cause. Some Tea Party activists have pledged to use the money they raise to help defend the killer in court. Many Tea Party activists are calling Loughner a “hero.”

“You broke her moral compass,” say these Tea Party activists. “You taught Christina Greene that God is a liar! God says no sodomy; it is abomination but you say it is okay to be gay. This child is better off dead than in your hands to teach more rebellion and bring more of God´s wrath upon her head. You taught her to worship the dead instead of to fear and obey God. You didn´t repent at 9/11. Instead, you waxed worse and worse,” reads the statement. The nine-year-old Green was born on September 11, 2001, the date terrorists attacked the United States in New York and Washington, D.C. Apparently, Tea Party activists from Westboro are using that circumstance to fundraise and help their paid assassin.

The Tea Party movement and their violence must be stopped. While many in Congress are now calling the Tea Party movement a “moment,” specifically because of the Tea Party sponsored Arizona assassinations, we nevertheless need to hold these lawbreakers accountable for their actions. To be sure, criminals who support the Tea Party and their violent acts are NOT Americans. They are NOT patriots and they are NOT democratic. Rather, they are no less than the terrorists who attacked this country on 9/11. No wonder Tea Party activists will be picketing the funeral of 9/11 icon Christina Greene. Tea Party activists are terrorists themselves.

In calling for authors to submit articles, the American Chronicle’s website notes:

…No defamatory, obscene, or malicious material may be submitted. Nor may any material submitted include hate speech, vitriol, or links to obscene and pornographic sites, or sites with information you know, or have reason to know, is false or defamatory information.

We believe this article falls into at least two of those categories.

Update: Church agrees not to protest slain child’s funeral.

Related: via iOwnTheWorld, [Today on his radio show Mark Levin offered a reward] (corrected)

$100,000 Challenge to Chris Matthews or any OTHER Lefties- to prove Mark or Sarah Palin or other conservatives were directly responsible for the AZ tragedy. Beyond that, if they continue to frame the debate as it has gone these past days and yet have no proof – he is going to sue them in Federal Court- and he won’t settle.

Listen to his response to Chris Matthews HERE

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