Congressman Submits Impeachment Resolution Due to Obama’s Failure to Get Congressional Authorization for Military Action in Libya

Charlie King
Yahoo! Voices

On March 7, Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina submitted an Impeachment Resolution to put President Obama on Notice over what some in congress see as an overreach of executive powers.

The Impeachment resolution stems from Obama’s failure to get Congressional authorization for the military action in Libya that began in March of 2011. Under the War Powers Act, a president must terminate a mission within 60 to 90 days after notifying Congress that troops have been deployed into hostilities, that is unless lawmakers authorize the operation to continue. In June of 2011, three months later, Obama argued that he had authority to continue the military campaign without Congressional approval because American involvement fell short of full-blown hostilities.

During the time of the Libya Military Action, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich from Ohio, a Democrat, voiced concern that Obama may have overstepped the authority given to the president by the Constitution. He also stated that it could very well be an impeachable act by the president. Kucinich reiterated in an interview with RT news that it was important to raise the question about the abuse of executive power and that he did think the Constitution had been violated. On June 15, 2011, 10 lawmakers — led by Kucinich and Jones — filed a lawsuit asking a judge to order President Obama to pull out of the Libya operation because Congress did not authorize it…

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…Obama has demonstrated contempt for the Constitution and is increasingly resorting to rule by decree. He is recognized by a growing number of Americans as a danger to the republic – certainly a danger to our liberties and also a serious threat to our national security.

It is time for the House of Representatives to take its constitutional responsibility seriously and launch an impeachment investigation. The investigative committee should hold hearings, collect and weigh the evidence, and then present its findings to the Congress and the nation.

Has Obama committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” that warrant impeachment and removal? There is much evidence that says, yes, he has…

…Impeachment of the president is justified on constitutional grounds if any of the following 12 questions is answered in the affirmative…

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Update:  On her Facebook page former prosecutor and Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall comments:

Read the bill NOT the headline. This is NOT a bill to impeach Obama. This is a bill declaring Congress has the sole authority to declare war and IF Obama acts otherwise, it is an impeachable offense. DUH!! What a worthless, spineless piece of legislation. Let’s take time to declare something officially something we ALREADY know. How about impeaching him for what he’s done ALREADY??!!?? ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

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