Dem Congressman Calls Out President on VA Scandal

VA Scandal Just Another “GOP Attack On Obama?” Listen To This Black, Democratic Congressman Call Out The President

Michael Graham
The Natural Truth

After living in Massachusetts for eight years and watching my local Democrats injure their spinal columns carrying water for the Obama administration, this video is truly refreshing.

Congressman David Scott is one of two (TWO!) Georgia Democrats in Congress calling out Obama for failing to lead on the VA scandal, and demanding Secretary Shinseki be fired. I urge you to watch the video to hear what it sounds like when a politician puts partisanship aside and speaks from the heart.

Rep. Scott has every excuse to stand quietly by. As a Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, nobody would notice his silence. And he’s surely not winning votes back home.

But he’s doing the right thing. And his example is a reminder that every day politicians put partisanship ahead of principles or the American people, they are making a choice to do so.

It’s great to be in a state where there’s enough open-minded non-partisanship for that to happen.

This would NEVER happen in Massachusetts.



Watch the video at The Natural Truth.



Related:  Jay Rockefeller, Ron Johnson clash over charge that racism is driving opposition to ObamaCare  (video)

…Two noteworthy details here. One: Rockefeller couldn’t be more casual in lobbing his grenade. He’s not out at a fundraiser with a drink in his hand, mindlessly babbling to some reporter with his guard down. He’s at an actual Senate hearing with a Republican senator sitting right in front of him, and yet it’s bombs away — and not for the first time. Congressional rules of decorum forbid swearing and personal insults, but if you want to charge the other side with racism for questioning Obama’s pet boondoggle, fire away. Two: Unlike most instances where this accusation is made, the target was present and eager to respond. Watch the very beginning and then the last few minutes of the second clip to see Johnson hit back. I would have walked out if I were him, but admittedly, his approach is smarter…



Sarah Palin: VA Scandal Future of Obamacare if Democrats Not Voted Out (video)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said President Barack Obama’s Veterans Administration scandal involving 40 veterans who reportedly died after they were put on secret waiting lists represents Obamacare’s future if Democrats are not voted out of office.

“Friends, that’s rationed care. That’s the VA today. That’s what’s got to change,” shewrote Wednesday on Facebook. “That’s why Congress has got to change because until we elect leaders who’ll buck the march to socialized medicine known as Obamacare, America’s health care system will go the way of the VA.”

Palin had previously warned about the perils of socialized medicine and Obamacare before the law was enacted…



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