Dem senator: Humans causing climate change, saying otherwise is ‘bogus’

Pete Kasperowicz
The Hill

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) declared on the Senate floor Thursday that the debate over whether humans are causing climate change is over, and that it has been shown conclusively that human activity is leading to global warming.

“People say there are questions about the theory,” he said. “No, there are not.

“The argument that the jury is still out on climate change is a false and bogus argument,” he added. “The jury is not out. In fact, the jury is in, the effects are obvious, they surround us every day, and we need to take action.”

Whitehouse said the theory that warmth creates a moist atmosphere that traps heat has been around since the Civil War. “That’s been basic textbook science for a century,” he said. “It’s never been controverted. It’s a law, essentially, of science.”…

You can read more of  The Great and Powerful Oz’s pronouncements at The Hill.

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How is this guy so smart about the environment and stuff, you ask?

In 1986 Whitehouse married Dr. Sandra Thornton, a marine biologist and granddaughter of James Worth Thornton and Elena Mumm Thornton Wilson. Her step-grandfather was prominent essayist and critic Edmund Wilson.  


Native Rhode Islander Professor William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection loathes the Senator as much as we do:

…Whitehouse beat the weak Linc Chafee in 2006, but he has low popularity ratings due to his penchant for inflammatory rhetoric. He also is the luckiest investor in America, having cashed out a large portion of his portfolio just before the October 2008 crash. So I’m glad to see private businessman Barry Hinckley taking the fight to Whitehouse, with ads like the one released today using footage from Whitehouse’s speech at Netroots Nation last weekend …

…You can support Hinckley here, and there are more links on the Focus Page.

Go to Legal Insurrection to read the entire article and watch the videos.


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