Elite Science's Selective Outrage

Paul Chesser
The American Spectator

Today the board of directors of American Association for the Advancement of Science announced they’d  had enough of scrutiny of the pioneers of global warming propagandism, particularly when it comes to the work of ClimategateMichael Mann and the hockey stick chart he made up (flatlining the Medieval Warming Period) when he was at the University of Virginia, and also the outside wealthmaking of NASA stargazer Dr. James Hansen. In particular they took my organization, American Tradition Institute, to task for asking for records of the aforementioned scientists, and the Formerly Mainstream Media unsurprisingly rushed to amplify the AAASes’ message. The delicate flower from the New York Times who called our Christopher Horner was particularly off-put by his likening the situation to Hollywood’s defense of Roman Polanski.

Specifically, the board of AAASes said they objected to “personal attacks on climate scientists, including harassment, legal challenges, and even death threats,” as though ATI has advocated those things. We have asked courts to make U. of Virginia and NASA follow transparency laws that their records of Mann and Hansen are subject to, but that is a legal challenge to the government institutions and not the scientists themselves, and it is a request for their work and data done on public (that is, taxpayer-paid-for) computers while at those institutions. That is supposed to be where they do their professional work, but if they conducted personal business while on the taxpayer dime, that’s their problem, but anyway that hardly constitutes an “attack.”

Another FMSMer who rushed to the AAASes’ defense was USA Today‘s Dan Vergano

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